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Your entire sales territory scanned by Scalestack Polygon

Scalestack Polygon gives you a complete, bird's-eye view of your own sales territory, customized to your Ideal Customer Profile

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Prioritize your accounts with the Heatmap view

Polygon goes beyond being just another stream of data: make sense of your territory and identify where to focus your energy. Polygon's heatmap is uniquely generated for your company, segmenting and prioritizing all available accounts, helping your team focus on those that matter most.

Double-click to get a full company report

Dive deeper into any of the uncovered companies to get specific, high-quality information about them. Using key demographics, financial data, jobs openings, and specific skills headcount and growth, learn the most important account attributes to engage with them

Get detailed contact lists

Easily select, filter, and export detailed contact list ajusted your Ideal Customer Profile. Polygon gives you and aggregated view of companies' employee skills, with the option to get more granular. Find out exactly who these employees are and export the list to your existing tools.

Monitor companies and key people

Polygon's monitorings features allows you to track key companies and people over time, helping you engage and the exact moment that maximizes oppotunities. Pick up strong buying signalslike surges in certain open job positions related to your product, and get notified when one of your product's champions within company changes jobs.

Assign priority accounts to your team

With Polygon, balancing workload among your team is a breeze. Assign priority accounts and keep track of which ones are being worked on. It's easy to visualize that there are enough accounts for people to go after, with quality data. Sales rep start their day without thinking about which accounts to work on, they simply start their outreach guided by Polygon.

Fresh Data

Ditch those static datasets. Polygon regularly scans and updates data to give you the most actionable signals

Hit your Pipeline numbers

Discover more companies matching your Ideal Customer Profile, and prioritize them with Polygon's scoring system

Reach to the right people

Your prospecting ends in Polygon. Get granular data that shows you the right person to contact, right in the platform

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