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Rentroom’s sales team levels up with automated prospect discovery

The challenge

Rentroom’s sales team already knew that their software is ideal for a particular set of property management companies, but identifying those small student housing developments and their property management companies was taking far too long. With no out-of-the-box tool to help them search for relevant leads, the sales team wasted hours of their week manually scouting prospects in target US markets that didn’t yet have any software solution in place.

The solution

To replace this manual and tiring process with an automated one, Scalestack started by developing an ICP (ideal customer profile) with Rentroom’s sales leaders. Once these key criteria were identified, Scalestack helped Rentoom create an automated workflow for their sales team that scans key markets and collects data from Google Maps. This data is now piped directly to Rentroom, delivering only those leads that fit Rentroom’s specific, hard-to-find ICP criteria. Scalestack’s automation further prioritizes these accounts by identifying which leads are not currently using any software solution.

The result

Efficient prospecting

Instead of the sales team spending their precious time digging through disparate data sources and blindly reaching out, the sales team is empowered to focus on pre-qualified outreach and closing deals.

No more painful onboarding

Previously, new sales hires had no choice but to spend their first few weeks on the job diving into manual prospecting, a lengthy and often discouraging process. Now, thanks to real-time automation, new hires can jump straight into revenue-generating work.

Low-hanging fruit prioritized

Rentroom’s sales team is more likely to convert when prospect companies are not currently using a competitor’s software. Using Scalestack’s custom software detection, the sales team was able to target these “low-hanging fruit” prospects to increase their conversion rate.


Rentroom is a venture-backed software startup developing property management tools for the modern era, founded in 2019. It provides property owners with powerful data and management dashboards to succeed while streamlining tenant processes through leveraging familiar payment systems, maintenance solutions, and exclusive deals.

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