Unique Account Discovery for Instal’s Business Development Team

The challenge

Instal US business development team needed a way to gain more efficiency in their account discovery process: finding the right prospects to target. Instal US account discovery had unique challenges since their customers are typically App developers of a certain size (by a number of downloads), that are not only willing to promote their app to find new users, but also that are already set up with certain advertising tracking resources on their app. With millions of apps available on iOS and Android identifying apps that use specific tracking software, needed to be done in an automated/scalable way, to analyze thousands of apps per day. Before adopting Scalestack, most of the BD efforts from Instal US was focused on analyzing marketing newsletters with lists of existing campaigns, which resulted not only in inefficiencies but also in poor time to market.

The solution

Scalestack enabled Instal US to easily define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on B2B sales data available from Google Play Store and LinkedIn. Then, automated a workflow that scans different app sources. Once Scalestack collects the app data, it analyzes each app uncovering what type of advertising is used, scoring and prioritizing them. Instal US BDteam can easily choose which app to target. After selecting an app, Scalestack’s workflow scans for additional data related to the owner of the app (e.g. Company name, titles, name and emails of prospects), which helps identify the right leads.

The result

Faster qualification

Instal US BD team started focusing only on connecting with the right leads within target companies rather than researching for companies they could work with. This saved over 80 hours a month per BD representative. Saved hours were reinvested into accelerating and growing the close rate of deals.

Data integration & Multiple data points

Fully data-enriched accounts with app analysis on Instal’s CRM. All accounts found for Instal US were automatically found from different app sources

Data fully integrated

Instal US uses Hubspot CRM daily, so it activated Scalestack’s Hubspot workflow, to seamlessly integrate and validate existing and new data.


Instal is a Madtech company that offers branding and performance solutions. Established in 2014 as part of the Nana Bianca group, Instal embraces a wide range of services to support its clients’ entire mobile strategy, from planning to delivery.

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