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Automated workflows make clear who Instal’s Ideal Customers are for easy engagement

“We knew the data we needed was out there, but without Scalestack’s tools, there was no easy way to analyze millions of data points and distill those down to a list of the most relevant contacts for our business development team.”

Dennis Ricksham

Dennis Ricksham

VP of Business Development at Instal

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The challenge

Identifying and pinpointing their ideal potential clients used to be a time-consuming hunt for Instal’s US business development team. Although they had a very clear idea of who their targets would be, identifying them at scale proved overwhelming.

The team knew their product would be perfect for app developers over a certain threshold of downloads who wanted to implement advertising tracking inside their app. But with app stores full of millions of apps, sorting through potential prospects took forever and a day. It became clear: The team needed a solution that would empower them to automate and scale this hunt for apps that met their criteria - and make clear a way to connect with them.

Previous to Scalestack, the team was mostly left to analyze industry newsletters for ongoing trends and campaigns that may point them in the right direction. This inefficient process hindered their ability to go to market quickly.

The solution

Scalestack worked with the Instal BD team to understand the criteria that defined their Ideal Customer Profile. Then, based on B2B sales data available from app stores like Google Play and enriched with data points from other sources like LinkedIn, an automated workflow scanned every app to uncover what type of advertising that app used, and how to contact the relevant person if that app was a good fit.

This workflow didn’t just collect data - it prioritized each prospect based on a custom lead scoring process, with additional data points from LinkedIn including company, title, name, and email. This left Instal’s team with a simple and powerful list of the most relevant leads.

The result

Faster qualification

Instal saved each BD team member over 80 hours of work per month when each person knew which leads to target instead of doing the research themselves. They were able to invest those saved hours into outreach and closing deals.

Powerfully accurate CRM

With the most relevant data automatically culled from the most important data sources, Instal’s contact database has become more robust and reliable than ever.

Easily integrated

Instal’s BD team already relied on Hubspot for their day-to-day CRM needs, so the seamless integration of Scalestack’s custom workflow with their existing tool made it easy to put their new data to use right away.


Instal is a Madtech company that offers branding and performance solutions. Established in 2014 as part of the Nana Bianca group, Instal embraces a wide range of services to support its clients’ entire mobile strategy, from planning to delivery. Instal helps companies reach customers with personalized content by unveiling preferences and habits to ensure end-to-end engagement.

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