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The Top 3 B2B Data Providers to Power Your Lead Generation

The Top 3 B2B Data Providers to Power Your Lead Generation

Learn what B2B data providers are and how they can help your revenue grow.

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Mateo Bilbao


The Top 3 B2B Data Providers to Power Your Lead Generation

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Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

B2B businesses need data to be effective. Data is a key aspect of these new types of companies, and relying on poor data is equal to failure. In consequence, it is essential to count on top-quality B2B data providers to help your business analyze its activity to make changes towards growth.

This article will mention the importance of B2B data providers, what they are, what is their use, how to take advantage of them, and some of the best providers in the market.

Knowing how to identify prospects that are well-fitted for your business is a fundamental part of a successful sales strategy. If you reach out to the right leads, you are more likely to close more deals. If you are targeting the wrong ones, even the most persuasive sales pitch will not be resourceful.

B2B data providers can help you build a qualified list of prospects without too much effort. You can perform highly targeted searches and instantly see a list of potential buyers and companies matching your criteria for a prospect.

What are B2B data providers?

B2B data providers (also known as B2B contact databases) are huge databases that you can access and look for qualified prospects for your sales team. A functioning B2B contact database will make it easier to source the customers that are most fitted for your business, based on different criteria.

B2B Data Providers

These criteria include the following features. Firmographic data talks about the company's revenue, its size, and its funding amount. Demographic data specify job titles, years of experience of the people or the businesses, and locations. Lastly, technographic data tell which software is being used by those companies.

Once you have selected your search criteria, the B2B contact database will provide you with a list of matching prospects. Plus, in many of those situations, it will give you contact information including an email address and a mobile phone number.

If your business is linked with efficient providers, you will receive the information you need to run a final round of research on your potential clients, and then decide who to reach out to with a personalized sales campaign, via a personalized cold email or cold call.

Benefits of having efficient B2B data providers

Data is more critical now than it ever has been for B2B organizations. With the rise of social media, marketing reps now have access to more data than ever before, which can be potentially great, but if not used properly, it can set you to failure.

B2B data providers are a critical part of marketing campaigns. They give marketing reps access to high-quality, accurate data that must be used for a whole lot of activities, like lead generation or customer retention.

Nowadays, marketing reps are required to go beyond social media and other traditional data sources to understand their competitors and customers. They also need to know how these factors change over time to have a fully updated knowledge of the business they are currently moving in.

Marketing people must understand how data is collected and works together with other types of information if they want to set the company they work for up for success. These are all reasons that demonstrate why having a smart and dynamic Marketing department is a key factor for the growth of your business.

Top 3 B2B data providers

Now that we have understood what is the providers' role in an organization, it is time to put a name to these data delivery programs that can change the face of your business upside down. Here is a list of some of the most used and efficient data providers in 2022.

  1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is probably the most well-known contact database that there is right now. Its function is to identify prospects and companies using more than 300 filters and attributes to ensure the leads you surface are a perfect fit, so then you can export them into your CRM or a spreadsheet.

Furthermore, you have the option to set up notifications and track the company's activity. For illustration, if a company raises a round of funding or goes through a period of employee growth, you can be notified about it.

ZoomInfo provides as well a mixture of extra products, like buyer intent data, conversation intelligence tools, and even a website live chat designed to help you close more sales leads.


Clearbit is a B2B data provider tool that integrates effortlessly with Salesforce, HubSpot, Segment, Pardot, and so on. What it does is help you discover prospects and define customer profiles.

The benefits of Clearbit are many. For example, they offer data-driven prospecting and precise B2B targeting, which can give you a hand in reaching potential prospects. It also comes with tailored email campaigns that send personalized emails to prospects.

Furthermore, Clearbit has advanced segmentation and lead management features that can help you to increase conversions and it also provides offers up-to-date and accurate data about your target prospects and audience.

3. UpLead

UpLead is a more affordable B2B data platform alternative that is perfect for enterprise-focused contact databases. It includes contacts from over 200 countries and lets you search for prospects with more than 50 filters.

Once you have found your prospects, you can export them directly into your CRM, or send them into another tool. One of the available filtering options is technographic, which means that you are permitted to identify potential buyers based on the software they are currently using. Then you can reach out with a cold email and tell them what you can do for them.


These B2B data providers are likely to help you build a more efficient sales process because they give you the exact information that you require to be great at targeting the right prospects.

If you have the financial means, it is highly recommendable that you pick one of these providers, because it will help you get your business to the level you have always wanted it to.