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The Huge Importance of Working With a Territory Sales Manager

The Huge Importance of Working With a Territory Sales Manager

Find out the importance of working with a territory sales manager

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


The Huge Importance of Working With a Territory Sales Manager

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

There are many roles within a company and many more within the Sales department. A territory sales manager plays an integral part given that he is the one that is in charge of handling the division of the sales and defining the criteria to do so.

This blog will carefully describe the role of a territory sales manager. If you are having territory planning problems, it probably is due to the inefficiency of the territory manager, so read on if you are interested in knowing what a top professional does in this discipline.

What is a territory sales manager?

A territory sales manager is a professional that executes the sales process for an organization in a defined geographic area, principally known as a territory. They are required to develop effective sales strategies, meet territory sales quotas, and maintain excellence in customer relationships.

Generally, territory sales managers count on a bachelor’s degree, besides logical management experience. They are people that have exceptional communication, customer service, and problem-solving skills, among many other distinct skills. The preponderance of their roles shifts according to both the size of the territories and the company.

For example, if you have a huge business, you could assign a sole territory sales manager to an individual territory. However, if you have a small organization with fewer prospects, he or she could oversee several different regions, given that they are perfectly capable of handling many different projects at the same time, though it would always be best to handle only one due to the focus they might need.

Role of a territory sales manager

Now that we know what these people are all about, it is time to identify their specific actions within a business. What these managers know best to do is to analyze customers. Territory sales managers must analyze carefully their current and prospective clients.

Customer mapping is a key factor in this analysis. In these graphics, there are a few things that are vital that a territory sales manager determines. For example, the locations of the potential buyers. That information is key to start categorizing the territories and knowing which to prioritize according to several metrics previously agreed on.

Other important things in mapping are the identification of the products or services the clients purchase from your business, the types of problems your products or services solve for them and how they do it, and the kinds of events that lead customers to buy (or not buy) your products or services, etc.

This research on your performance will determine how you define the ideal customer profile (ICP) and prospect for new opportunities in your assigned territory. Those are the main reasons why mapping cannot be ignored or taken lightly.  

Responsibilities of a territory sales manager

To continue understanding the role, here are some particular functions that a territory sales manager has to carry out.

Motivating the sales reps and other team members is vital to create a working environment that motivates toward discipline and achievement instead of laziness. In terms of relations, it is also key to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers and know how and when to reach out to them. It is also imperative to travel to the assigned territory as and when required to assure the fulfillment of the goal.


A territory sales manager must show some empathy as well, and try to have an understanding of the needs and requirements of customers in his assigned territory.  Moreover, explaining to the customer about the product and services offered by the also key.  Communication is a great part of sales, which cannot be done if the communications are poorly handled.

Now speaking more about managing activities, knowing how to determine the sales and marketing methods for increasing sales within the assigned territory is something indispensable and that cannot be overlooked. It is one of the main facts of territory sales, and so it is the preparation, which must be aligned with well-thought and planned marketing strategies.

If they accomplish these objectives, they are likely going to meet the company's expectations, which will be beneficial to the professional, the clients, and the company, too.

To achieve that without hesitation, taking feedback from the customers on a timely basis is something quite valuable, as well. Learning how to listen to the client's needs and suggestions will help you make a difference in the area that you move around

To understand what the buyers are trying to say to you, an effective way to attempt it is by conducting a survey that reflects and tries to understand their specifications. Once the survey is answered and finished, it is time to analyze it and look out for the specific sales results and metrics that will help you understand the nature of your situation. A survey that asks the right questions leads to a deeper recognition of the processes that are functioning properly and the ones that still need some polishing or change of any kind.

Training and guiding sales reps is also something critical for the progress of the company. Teaching them the processes and the ways is as important as the following evaluation of the team member's performance, which shows who is doing what and how. This and every other action must be always realized according to the rules and regulations of the company, of course.


Now that we have come to understand the principal facts of a territory sales manager, you must implement all these guidelines to understand your processes and your own business.

If your territory manager is handling things well, then the above things should sound normal to you, which should be reflected in the results. But if these things are not that common to you or your employees, then this blog will help you set your way straight and correct what needs to be corrected to succeed.