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Sunsama: a Smart Option for Efficient Planning

Sunsama: a Smart Option for Efficient Planning

Find out why is Sunsama a smart option for efficient planning

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Sunsama: a Smart Option for Efficient Planning

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

There are great apps for every part of business operations. In regard to planning, Sunsama is one of the many options. In this article, we will cover why Sunsama might be the best option for planning your projects, work forms, etc.

In order to manage your day properly, a to-do list is the best way to do so, certainly. To-do lists make it achievable for you to be productive, and they make it easier for you to get through your tasks. You can keep track of everything that you need to do on your computer, at work, or anywhere with apps like Todoist, Remember The Milk, and now, Sunsama.

Project Management has been great for any advanced workplace to get the most out of their time, by using tools like Jira, ClickUp, Trello, and other workplaces that have been showing quite effective to improve efficiency in their work. Using all of these apps coherently can be especially challenging, particularly keeping all of your tasks in sync in ClickUp, ToDosit, and Google Calendar. That is where Sunsama comes in. It can help you manage all of those apps, as well as function as a task management app.

What is Sunsama

Sunsama is essentially a task management app, though it is true that its features set the app apart from its competition. Even if you use other To-Do list apps, you should not overlook Sunsama, because it is the best at helping you coherently integrate all of your task management apps, calendars, and your workspaces task management app. Plus, while it integrates all of your work apps, you can still use it as a standalone app and manage your whole daily planning process through it.


How does Sunsama work

Sunsama is a guided daily planner. Each morning, you get an email from the app that reminds you that it is time to plan your day and introduces you to the principles of working with focus, calm, and intention. After that, you open up Sunsama, where you go through a four-step process to plan your work day.

First of all, the app helps you pull your tasks and commitments from all your tools into one place. You can pull in meetings, emails, assignments from project management tools, etc. It helps you calculate how long that work will take and nudges you to pick a reasonable and viable workload.

Finally, Sunsama automatically puts your tasks on your calendar so that you have a concrete plan of when to do your work. Once your day is fully planned, you do not need to spend any more time thinking about what to do. Your Sunsama list for the day just gets shorter and shorter as you go.

Sunsama basically functions as an async daily standup for teams who intend to work closely together. Inside the app, you will see your colleagues’ daily plans and get a transparent idea of what they are working on. If you use Sunsama, you can stop having standup meetings altogether.

Sunsama Integrations

In this section, we will go into detail about the features that Sunsama offers. The app is able to pull tasks from apps that are used for project management, and personal task management. These are those apps: Google Calendar, Slack, Notion, Gitlab, Outlook, Asana, Trello, Todoist, ClickUp, and Gmail, among many others.

Additionally, Sunsama has some more bespoke integrations that are available, in particular Gmail. Gmail can be used to convert email threads into tasks, as well as to reply to emails that have been sent. GitHub and Gitlab are available, too, which is positive for software teams, and developers who regularly work with git repositories of in-house or client code, so you can turn any problem or pull request into a task to act consequently.


Moreover, you can also construct some smart email automation, like archiving an email when you mark it as completed within the app. GitHub is able to integrate with Sunsama to pull cards and tasks from your organization.

By using Slack integration, for example, you can provide the team with a list of what you are planning to do today, and view the tasks of other team partners. You can also notify the team when you have finished a task, as well as create assignments from the Slack chat using the Sunsama bot.

Sunsama Apps

Sunsama started out as a web-based application, but it has now grown into a desktop app for macOS and Windows, plus a mobile app for Android and IOS, though it still operates smoothly as a web app. Using the mobile app is a pleasurable experience. It has a navigation bar at the bottom, where you can view your options, such as the tasks, calendars, backlog, and archive.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly mark tasks as completed, create new ones, change their label, and even edit the placement of your assignments in your calendar using the mobile app, which also has some admirable customizability settings, which makes the app more comfortable to use for left-handed users, and offline mode, which allows you to use the app offline.

Sunsama Disadvantages

Although Sunsama is a great tool, like everything that exists, has some cons. The app undoubtedly offers a lot of features that help users make the most of their time and be more productive.

Nevertheless, important apps like or are missing from the integration list. However, it is understandable that their team is still unable to add every key productivity apps that enter the ecosystem.

Bottom line

This information covers what Sunsama is. With the elements we gave you, you are perfectly able to make a decision about it. It is advisable to at least try the app and see if it really works well. If it gives you results, as it usually does, then you will stick to it probably for a long time.