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Sales Qualified Leads: What Are They and How They Can Improve Your Business

Sales Qualified Leads: What Are They and How They Can Improve Your Business

Learn to produce top sales qualified leads and how to implement them in your business

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Sales Qualified Leads: What Are They and How They Can Improve Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

This blog will talk about what sales qualified leads are, and how to generate them to get more and better leads for your business. So if you are having trouble generating leads that suit your business, you might get helpful insight from this article.

What are sales-qualified leads?

Sales qualified leads (SQL) are the leads that are the most likely to turn into a prospect. These leads are tagged as qualified due to the strong interest they express in your product or service.  

They are the most likely to convert and turn into actual clients for your organization because they have the financial resources to make an instantaneous purchase.

Differences between sales qualified leads and marketing qualified leads

Sales qualified leads and marketing qualified leads are not the same. To make the differences clearer, let´s first clarify what a marketing-qualified lead is.

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are those leads that are less likely to make a conversion and create a financial direct revenue for your business, but MQL´s opinion has value, so reaching out to them is also important. They tend to influence other people´s choices by giving positive feedback or positive criticism which may lead to generating leads due to the marketing qualified leads' point of view.

Now that we understand the function of both of them, let's point out the ends where they do not meet. Marketing qualified leads to educate other leads on your product or service, they give lectures, talk about them, test them, etc. They talk people into buying your offer. In a way, they are doing part of your lead generation job for you.

On the other hand, sales are more about two-way communication. Marketing qualified leads to prepare the field, they nurture it so the leads get interested in having a conversation about the product, and that is when sales qualified leads come in.

The engagement part is up to marketing, while the conversion part is up to sales. Both types of leads complement each other in the lead generation process. The biggest difference remains in the interaction both of them go through, in other words, their place in the sales funnel.

Ways to produce sales-qualified leads

Here are some of the most effective ways to produce sales qualified leads:

Lead understanding and segmentation

This is crucial to prevent unnecessary waste of time and resources. You should segment them into different categories. For example, what industry are they in?

Once you do that, you can provide every sector with the type of content that fits them better. If you do this the right way, it will help them make a faster decision, which is both beneficial for them and you.

Social platforms are a really good way of reaching out to prospects in an organic procedure. Building relationships with them on social media causes no expenses and takes little time. There is a little to lose and a lot to win.

If you have the financial means to automate this process, you can increase the amount of messaging and effectiveness of the prospecting whilst working less.

This type of meeting is really powerful because you get to send out your message only to those who were interested enough in boarding the call to listen to what you have to tell them.

One way or another, from something they read or saw they felt like your offer could be a potential go-to for their businesses or lives, so it would be really useful to prepare a speech to give information about your product or service. This way, the leads that were hooked will probably continue scaling through your sales process.

When you receive visitors on your page, you have to make it easier for them to give their contact details or subscribe to your email list. This is as well one of the better ways to generate qualified leads.

The opt-in box is a feature you should add to your website. What is its goal? Ask prospects for their emails or their cell phone numbers or put a link that sends them directly to your social media profiles. This creates a great level of engagement between the leads and the business.

Using SEO is pretty helpful for generating sales-qualified leads. SEO makes you scale positions in the rankings and get more visualizations on the organic search engines.

If you want to get to the top of the rankings and beat the competition, you will have to do something different. You must outstand from the common blogs and not only use fat head keywords (the ones that trend best) but also implement long tail keywords, which are not ranked as good but their distinct nature will give you more credit than you can think of.

Long tail keywords are not that searched, but their conversion rates are still quite high and they can compete. Thus, when writing your articles to give information, make sure to use the right ones.

Creating a score for all sales and ranking them for most and less qualified is an efficient way to measure the leads.

The higher the score is, the most resources you should dedicate to that specific lead. The higher the score, the more likely that lead is to turn into a prospect.

Bottom line

If you have been having trouble getting sales-qualified leads, implementing these techniques and working them properly will probably give you better results than the ones you have had until now.

Analyze the methods that you believe will work best with your company and start putting them into practice. Higher-quality leads will likely start coming towards you in less time than you expect.