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Reasons to Get a Sales Enablement Software for Growing Your Business

Reasons to Get a Sales Enablement Software for Growing Your Business

Find out the reasons to get a sales enablement software

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Mateo Bilbao


Reasons to Get a Sales Enablement Software for Growing Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

In this modern world, many types of software could potentially fit your company's interests and needs. Nevertheless, most of the programs that would seem to be the perfect fit for your business, end up not giving back the results you were expecting them to give. That is why you should take your time to decide which software you will implement in your organization.

In this article, we will describe what sales enablement software is, what it does, and how can the programs help you achieve the goals that you aspire to achieve. Keep reading if you would like to find out what can these programs do for you.

Concept of sales enablement software

To fully understand the way these programs work, we should first mention what is sales enablement all about.

Sales enablement is mainly the process of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close the largest number of deals possible. These resources are diverse. Among them, you can find content, tools, knowledge, and information. All of these tools are put to work to help you effectively sell your product or service to potential buyers.

Sales Enablement Software

That is what the process of sales enablements does. Now that we have understood it, we can define how can the tools of this sales process can provide for us what we tell them to.

A sales enablement software is a system that builds connections among your content, marketing, and sales cycle. These tools allow you to follow the sales process from start to finish by tracking analytics and content usage to determine what works right and what could be fixed.

This software can be interpreted as a dashboard for your sales funnel. If you count with the right tool, your marketing, content, and sales analytics will begin to be easier to find, track, and cross-reference than before.

Sales enablement software management

Who should be in charge of managing these programs? Sales or Marketing reps? If you want the investment that you have made in your software to be profitable, then you are going to need both departments to be working united. A healthy business knows that both teams need to handle the software. Now the question relies on who handles what.

Marketing provides reps with a mixture of resources that they need to sell as efficiently as they can. These resources and materials tend to be videos, blogs, conversation scripts, and product guides. All these features support reps' interactions with potential customers. Marketers will share this content with leads and customers to help them through the cycle and guide them to decide whether or not they will purchase.

On the other hand, the sales role is to communicate with marketing. They mediate which types of content and materials are in lack, and which are available so they can share with leads throughout their buyer’s cycles. This way, they can create and share those new materials with reps so it will assist them in reaching new clients by selling more effectively.

Importance of choosing the right sales enablement software for your business

Every business is different from one another. Every business has its ways and its own goals. For that reason, every organization has unique sales enablement needs. Not every tool adapts in the same way to every company. You should pick a tool that focuses on the type of prospecting and lead generation that gets along better with your offer.

For example, if your offer is closer to a high-ticket product or service, then your funnel will be longer and will probably be more dependent on building stronger relationships. If that is your business case, then your sales enablement software is going to have to be a robust content management strategy and delivery system.

It is key to understand that the right tool will affect the experience of your sales team and your customer's experience, and ultimately impact your revenue, so it is not a decision to take lightly.

Some elements to consider when choosing your sales enablement software

Once you have a sales strategy planned out, it is time to choose the tools that will help your strategy succeed. The following measures will help you understand how to choose the right sales enablement software for your company.

CRM and a sales enablement tool are not the same. There are indeed tools that combine both functions, but a CRM is mainly designed to track new leads and store customer data, whereas a sales enablement tools function is to provide an overview of the entire sales cycle status.

Some software is specifically designed to integrate smoothly with many leading CRMs. If you already count on a sales CRM that works just fine, you should consider going with a tool that has been designed with it in mind.

It is hard not to get lost in the immense quantity of metrics that most sales productivity tools offer. You cannot know all of them, it is not viable. Recommendations are you start by looking at your sales enablement strategy and determine which functionalities are the most relevant to your objectives. Then, make sure that the tool you are using tracks them and any related numbers.

Content is key for sales enablement. Creating the right sales content at the right time has the power to close a deal almost by itself. Your sales enablement software should help you organize and deliver relevant content. That is the most important thing to consider when choosing what is the next step.


Sales enablement software is key for the expansion of your business. Although it is not easy sometimes to find the one that works best for your company, with this guide you have the information needed to make a good decision. Now it is up to you to research the programs and their potential fit with your organization.