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Notion's Capacity to Change Your Life

Notion's Capacity to Change Your Life

Find out Notion's capacity to change your life.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Notion's Capacity to Change Your Life

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Notion is a wild thing that is going on. It totally blew up. Even early adolescents are using it. It is no coincidence that almost everyone knows what Notion is or knows many people that use it. This app can not only help you organize your life but also your business ways and procedures, like project management, for example.

It is undeniable that coordinating your team with an endless list of software systems is tedious. It wastes time and increases the likelihood of employees working worse. Therefore, using a tool like Notion makes perfect sense. Through it, you can share knowledge, collaborate with team members, and track projects, all from one screen.

This article will provide the basic information about Notion so you can get familiar with it and start implementing it to carry out your planning and managing processes.

Introduction of Notion

Notion is a project management tool that puts the focus on collaboration. The app was founded by Ivan Zhao in 2012. He noticed that it was almost impossible for teams to work towards goals together because it demanded several platforms and hours of management per day. This often led to misleading information.


So, that is why he founded Notion with the goal of making project and team management straightforward. These days, it is safe to say that he reached his goal because his app offers everything you need for effective project management and knowledge sharing.

Companies like Pixar, Spotify, Headspace, and Cornershop use Notion to manage tasks. It’s available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Who Is Notion Thought For

Here we will discuss which are the kinds of people and jobs that should definitely use Notion more than other people.

Structuring your week is critical if you want to become a successful freelance writer. It enables you to complete client projects while marketing your writing services. Doing it without a project management tool will be far more challenging. But with Notion, you can create a few blocks for different projects. This way, you know what you must do for the day and how long that is going to take.

Notion is oriented especially toward teams because it emphasizes collaboration. This is key given that knowledge sharing improves productivity and prevents siloed information. If you are managing a team, this app can certainly help streamline work processes. You should invite all members so everyone can collaborate. Then, create sprints that help you reach a larger goal and track employees’ progress.

Team members can share any problems they face while helping each other find solutions. You will also gain insight into your team’s productivity and whether or not you might need to hire additional employees.

A substantial problem most companies face when using project management software is scalability. Luckily, Zhao created this platform to grow your business. You can invite unlimited users and complete endless tasks. This makes tracking your team’s progress easier, even if there are hundreds of team members.

Notion also gets that employees in large businesses sometimes struggle to find essential data. That is why it offers a team wiki, permitting you to set up a centralized repository that your business can refer to. If you are using other apps, you can simply link them to your wiki because Notion is compatible with more than 500 platforms.

Notion Comparison

In this section, we will compare Notion with some of the other popular apps that have similar functions.

Like Notion, ClickUp is a technology start-up based in California. Both companies have received venture capital funding. The following are the ClickUp features. It includes to-do lists, docs, wiki and spreadsheets, goal and time tracking, project management, and a free plan.


On the other hand, Notion offers a fully customizable database able to track your entire life, project management, to-do lists, docs, wikis, and relation databases, plus a free plan, too. There is not much difference here.

Regarding costs, Notion offers a more affordable package. Its individual plan is $5, whereas ClickUps is $9. Moreover, the team deal in Notion costs $10, and ClickUps costs $19.

Nonetheless, both ClickUp and Notion offer solid free plans that are free forever. But there are some key differences.

Notion gives free users access to all features. It also allows guest access with up to 5 people on the free plan. On the other hand, ClickUp reserves some features for paying users, like Unlimited Integrations and Dashboards.

On one hand, Notion is a productivity solution, whereas Evernote is a note-taking app. That already tells you some of the main differences. Both are free to use. Notion’s free trial lets you create an unlimited number of blocks. A block is a piece of content in Notion; it can be an image, a paragraph, or a table row.


Evernote gates a lot of the main features only on their paid plans. So you can take notes and create folders, but it will bug you to upgrade to a paid plan before you can use it to its full potential.

On the other hand, Notion gives you access to all its core features, including unlimited blocks. The main limitation is the number of guests that are allowed to collaborate in your space, and file uploads. Notions' Pro plan has unlimited file uploads, whilst the free plan is limited to 5MB for each file uploaded. Overall, Notion is much more than a note-taking app. In it, you are able to build an all-encompassing productivity solution for your life within it.


Although there are some good productivity apps in the market, Notion is the best one to organize yourself and your stuff. Implement it, learn to use it and your organization and planning will thank you for it for life.