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Milanote review: the best organization app?

Milanote review: the best organization app?

Find out about Milanote, a platform that you do not want to miss out on.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Milanote review: the best organization app?

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

These days, an incredible number of new companies are rising up. Most of them do not call much attention, but Milanote is currently being put the light on. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to read about a platform that is creating huge advantages for the people implementing it.

That is why this article will cover all the basics of Milanote, so you can make a decision about it and skyrocket your company with it.

What is Milanote

It is totally relevant to have an organized system for taking notes because the way you do it will affect how well you remember the information. The wrong apps for taking notes can make it more difficult to get any use out of them. That is why Milanote should be on your list of note-taking apps An efficient app will help you leverage the use of your notes by adding more context, which makes it easier to recall the information later.

There is no one best note-taking app, it all depends on what suits your needs and style, though there are better than others, clearly. Some people prefer to use a physical notebook whereas others like to do their notes on the computer. The best way to find out which note-taking app is for you is to try them out, there is no way around that.


Milanote is a visual brainstorming app, mainly. It is a platform where you are able to store ideas, inspiration, and research. As a cloud-based note-taking app, Milanote is a SaaS-based cross-platform freemium note-taking application. Its goal is to solve the existing issues among content creators. The purpose of using this app allows you to enjoy note-taking, organizing, and archiving easier and more creatively.

Milanote vs Everyone

In this section, we will compare Milanote with the other dominating businesses in the niche. This will be an overall analysis that can give you general insight.

Milanote vs Evernote

Milanote allows users to capture information from a variety of sources and forms, which is one of the main Evernote features, as well.

Although it is a relatively new app, it already can support different file formats, such as photos, audio clips, note-taking data, and, the searchable handwriting feature.


Both of the tools have similar minimalist and user-friendly interfaces, so you do not have to spend much time learning how to navigate around and use the proper features to help you expand your ideas. Plus, many creative professionals like Bryan Clark of The Next Web described Milanote as “the Evernote for creatives.”

Milanote vs MindNode

Milanote makes the content creation process much more accessible and more convenient to map great but raw ideas from your head. For example, you can add columns on the blank space, and add several notes using the drag-and-drop feature, too.


On the other hand, MindNode makes you keep extending the map to such an extent that the fonts have gotten smaller and the idea bubbles keep on expanding. Therefore, moving one node to the other has become quite challenging.

Milanote surpassed all the writing apps out there. Moreover, it allows you to add media to your mindmaps to spice things up, and prevent you from creating a boring presentation of your work.

Milanote vs Trello

Both platforms are created for brainstorming activities. Both have their advantages and are considered the best in the field. If you are thinking of planning and organizing ideas for your next blog post, you might want to use Trello to accomplish your tasks.


However, Trello’s features have limitations, which gives Milanote an edge over it. You should use Trello for organizing tasks and tracking your progress, and use Milanote for creating the visual representations of systems or diagrams that you might need. Here, the best call is to complement them, for sure.

Milanote Pricing

Although Milanote is free to use, it is limited to 100 cards. If you enjoy using this app and would like to include it in your writing routine, you will need to increase the number of cards for your project. Undoubtedly, the more freelance content writing projects you receive, the more cards you need. That is when two options appear.

The first one is to invite a friend to sign up for a free account using the unique referral link assigned to your account. Every successful invite will give you additional 20 cards. So, you might want to check on that Nonetheless, this option is limited to only up to 100 cards. That means, Milanote only allows up to 5 referrals for free accounts. So, if your account is bigger, this solution is only temporary.

If you upgrade your account from a free to a paid subscription, you will be able to access an unlimited number of cards in your account, as well as unlimited features Milanote has to offer, including its new updates.

If you choose to upgrade, we should take a quick look at Milanote’s pricing plans. Currently, they ask $9.99/month for an annual plan or $12.50/month for a monthly plan. This is recommended for freelancers that are working by themselves more than for businesses hiring these people.

On the other hand, business owners with a team can avail of their business plans. For this option, Milanote asks $49/month for annual plans for 10 users, which can save you up to 50% of its SRP. The price may vary if you want to increase the number of users to collaborate under your account, but it is still as affordable as worth it.


There is a reason why Milanote is making the main entrance in its field. It is highly recommendable that you at least try it and see what happens. Given how it is going, chances are that you are going to keep it for a long time.