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Lemlist guide: Features, Integrations, Pricing & more

Lemlist guide: Features, Integrations, Pricing & more

Find out how to use Lemlist to your benefit.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Lemlist guide: Features, Integrations, Pricing & more

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Lemlist is one of the booming companies these days and it is no coincidence that it is in that place. This article will describe the platform so you can have an overall view of LemList function, operations, and the service that it provides. Counting on that information, you should be perfectly capable of making a decision.

The practice of cold email writing has always been a dreadful chore, although is a key factor in attracting qualified leads. The idea that the receiver does not open the email, or that the email goes into spam is something that no one would wish not even to their worst enemy. Luckily, there is a solution to this age-old problem, and Lemlist is the principal company that provides this service. It is the top answer to all your cold email-related queries. This platform helps you create personalized cold emails in no time.

What is Lemlist

Lemlist is an outreach platform that is suitable for a mixture of businesses. From large-scale campaigns to one-on-one communication, it enables you to initiate conversations that will get replies using the following three key features.


First of all, Lemlist provides the ability to customize sequences with unique landing pages, as well as personalized images. In the second place, comes Lemwarm, which is an automated email warm-up feature that maximizes your email delivery service and helps keep your messages out of the spam folder. Third and finally, it offers the ability to send multi-channel sequences in order to increase your response rate.

This platform is really helpful in creating your very own partner outreach campaign. Simple to use, and with an array of customizable templates to choose from, Lemlist is a resourceful tool to count on.

Lemlist Main Features

These are the elements that make Lemlist the top-leading business in its niche.

It increases the reach of your email marketing through personalized emails which are generated automatically. Lemwarm enables you to interact with other users through customized emails and automatically replies to them for you.

It creates a stronger bond with your audience with the help of personalized content. It allows you to personalize pictures, videos, and even landing pages to make your audience feel unique.

Automatically replies to clients without losing any human touch. It is possible to customize the follow-up messages in terms of what is written in them and how long each is displayed to the client between each.

Lemlist optimizes your CRM software and improves existing relationships. The platform allows you to effortlessly integrate with leading CRM software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or others.

If you want to integrate Lemlist into your LinkedIn account, that is a viable option, as well. You can install Lemlist’s Google Chrome Extension and let Lemlist handle the rest for you. It is really a no-brainer.

Lemlist integration

Automation is a standardized mechanical process. Although it is not the most common thing, there is a way to customize automated content. Lemlist permits its users to send automated customized cold emails. In automated emails, each recipient's email is tailored specifically to them, thus decreasing the possibility of them getting stuck in spam folders.

If you do not have the time to reply to emails, you are not to worry because Lemlist does it for you. Through it, you can automate follow-ups catering specifically to any given email. From email marketing to sales campaigns, the platform aims to provide you with the necessary tools and services to be successful in your sales campaigns.

Lemlist integration with LinkedIn

Lemlist integration with LinkedIn is a simple process to carry out. You can use Lemlist together with LinkedIn Automation to get the most out of your partner recruitment strategy. Using the list of corporations that you have gathered using your data scraping tool like ProspectIn, you can use LinkedIn to identify the best Point of Contact within their organization. You can do this thing by typing the business name into the search bar, clicking on “All employees,” and then contacting the PoC.


Lemlist lets you launch simultaneous email and LinkedIn messaging campaigns through one tool. Once you have created your Lemlist account and selected your plan, then you are going to create a campaign in it. You can do it by going to your setting and selecting the Scanners tab, which will allow scanners to enrich the data for your campaign.

After that, go to the Google Chrome Store and download the Lemlist Chrome extension. From that extension, you are going to want to sign into your account. Connect the extension to your LinkedIn account, and once you realize it, you are ready to begin your contact campaign.

It is quite simple to use Lemlist for your LinkedIn partner recruitment actions. Once you have everything set up and automated, you can relax and get ready to measure the impact of your efforts, besides having more time to dedicate to more critical-thinking activities.

Lemlist Pricing

The following are the costs that Lemlist offers for their packages for their different activities.

The Monthly payment is $29/ per month, whereas the Annual payment is $25/ per month. The features it comes with are the next. First of all, it comes with automated customized cold emails to all Lemlist users. Then, it provides customization to ensure that the email is relevant to the receiver. Plus, that decreases the email’s chances of ending up in spam.

The Monthly payment is $59/ per user per month. The Annual payment is$50/ per user per month, in contrast. The service consists of running large-scale personalized cold email campaigns and offering all features mentioned in the “Email Warm-up.”

The Monthly payment is $99/ per user per month, and the Annual payment is $83/ per user per month. This ´package helps you run successful sales campaigns through cold emails, cold calls, and an integrated LinkedIn workflow. It also offers all features mentioned above in “Email Outreach.”

Bottom Line

You have got more than enough information for you to make a smart decision for your business about Lemlist. Analyze the data, see if it can fit your company, and if it does, it is really likely that it will start giving you results in no time.