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How to Plan the Most Efficient B2B Sales Process

How to Plan the Most Efficient B2B Sales Process

Find out what works best to design an efficient B2B sales process

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


How to Plan the Most Efficient B2B Sales Process

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Planning a B2B sales process seems easier than it actually is. Although the steps may look all the same in the different ways of strategizing the process, there is a reason why some companies are on top and some others are not.

One of the main differences lies in their sales process. This article will guide you on how to draw an efficient B2B sales process so you and your employees can put their minds on more critical thinking and on-demand activities.

What is a B2B sales process

A B2B sales process is a complex system that needs a well-designed and executed B2B sales strategy for it to succeed. There is not one godly way to carry out this process, though there are some that work better than others.

This process embraces all sales activities and relations between a business and its potential clients. It can be understood as the series of stages protagonized by the Sales team, whose job is to get in touch with the customers' needs, try to generate more leads, and build relationships with those leads while guiding them throughout the sales process.

There exist many metrics, from which you will have to pick in order to establish one firm sales process so the sales reps can get used to it.

Reasons to divide the B2B sales process into steps

Many new businesses make the mistake of thinking only from the company’s perspective. Modern marketing directions treat different ideas than that one. Marketing is certainly more about the clients' perspective than the company's, for they are the ones that put the money on the table, and the organizations are the ones that receive it. Although it may seem obvious at first, in the process people tend to get lost in their egotistic selves, and they forget that it is all about the client. This is when businesses start presenting topics like processes or internal conflicts instead of their offer.

Sales Process

If you intend to avoid these unnecessary problems, you should ask yourself and your company partners the next kind of questions:

If you answer these types of questions thinking about the client's needs and wants, it will give you a good benchmark to kick off the design of the B2B sales process.

4 Insights on planning an efficient B2B sales process

Here are some things you need to consider when thinking about what your B2B sales process is going to look like. These items should be a part of your process design because they are as efficient as simple to follow through.

  1. Put up a customer buying process

Thinking of ideas at this stage is key. Involving your sales team is a plus. It will help you get valuable inputs and perspectives. You shall also call some of your best clients to check your ideas.

When you are thinking about the process make sure you ask yourself some simple questions. For instance, how many departments are participating in the process, how to reach out to potential buyers, how to gain credibility about your business, which are the client's touchpoints, etc.

2. Name goals for each one of the stages

To define the objective of each sales stage, you would probably be making a good decision by answering questions of this kind. For example, what is the targeted outcome of each stage, what is the goal of each stage, and what does the sales rep should achieve during each stage.

It is advisable to answer these questions as honestly and thoroughly as you can. Once you have to communicate the sales process to the sales team, make sure it is easy and simple to understand and follow.

3. Define sales tools

Modern sales processes are not self-sufficient. Nowadays, everything needs some level of automation, and these types of processes require many of them. Apart from one salesperson, it is also needed some tools, tips, and tricks to hit the target.

For each of the stages, you need to identify the tools your Sales department would need to achieve goals. They must count on the best value propositions, referrals, discovery questions, success stories, demos, and presentations you can get.

The following sales tools are some of the many that can make your process saves enormous amounts of time and resources.

4. Define marketing tools

It is vital that you equip your sales team with a considerable number of the existing marketing tools that are relevant for their day-to-day operations. Although there are lots of marketing tools and almost every single one of them is effective when applied accordingly, you have to make a decision and choose some in order to not overwhelm your system, or living it too dry.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and effective marketing tools in 2022.

Final thoughts

Designing an efficient B2B sales process can be more difficult than it seems. If one way works for one business, it does not mean it will work for the others. Every sales process has its particularities and maybe you will have to try out many different ways before finding the right one.

With the information in this newsletter, you should be able to start designing your process or checking what insight mentioned above could make your already existing process better. What is true is that with an efficient sales process, growth is much more accessible.