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How To Plan An Efficient Sales Territory Optimization

How To Plan An Efficient Sales Territory Optimization

Learn about the different techniques for improving the strategy for your territory strategy.

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Mateo Bilbao


How To Plan An Efficient Sales Territory Optimization

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Analytics and data intelligence is required by every company nowadays. These metrics are key to gaining an advantage over the competition and outmatching them. This is why businesses need to develop balanced sales territories.

Optimized territory planning is the ABC of the plan of strategic sales. It represents the pillar stones of your revenue operations strategy and the main system for your revenue.

What sales territory optimization is

Sales territory optimization is an alignment between the workload, the market opportunities, and the sales resources. The goal of this optimization is to provide the best realistic outcomes. If you can automate these systems, it will cost you less and you will eventually dedicate less time to it. Nevertheless, it can be done manually and personally if you do not have the resources to afford automation yet.

Sales Mapping

Manual optimization can be planned in spreadsheets. However, it is a method that is losing territory because there are new upcoming methods that promise to be more effective. For example, mapping software can produce better results in a shorter time. You might want to check out what these are and see if they are implementable for your business or if you rather stay with the spreadsheets or any other method you use.

Why is sales territory optimization essential? Because it is critical for maximizing the revenue and for keeping a satisfying working environment among the crew. Despite that fact, aligning territories has been something difficult to achieve throughout the entire history of humanity (maybe not that much), but you can get the point.

Aligning Marketing and Sales has been a headache for people since the dawn of this type of work was created. They never got along well and everyone knows it is a difficult process and even more difficult to unite them. But if you can find a way to make them work together towards the same objective, you have saved yourself all the trouble that involves the arguments between the Marketing and the Salespeople.

​How can inefficient sales territory optimization ruin your business

Having a flawless territory plan is key in the long run. Making mistakes in this stage is simply unaffordable. Here are some things you must not do if you want to do things right. Poor strategies will result in:

Now you can see what the consequences of not taking enough time to plan this out are. It is no joke to leave this unoptimized or not updated and the results will be seen if your business does not take this matter into hands rapidly.

Having less income is not only bad for the numbers but the employees' mood. Lower motivation due to poorer performance also leads to even more decreasing revenue, besides a more uncomfortable working environment, which could result in low effectiveness and/or friction between the workers.

Unsatisfied leads and clients are the clearest sign that there is something wrong with the business because all the processes are to be seen in the results of those clients. And if they are not content with the results, it is because there is a massive and general failure in the providing of your service.

That is why you do not want to have a poor performance on sales territory optimization. They are in every segment of your plan, so the success of your organization strongly relies on a well-thought and well-carried strategy with planning that needs to be data-driven and not supposition-driven nor gut-driven.

Plus, counting with territory plans means reducing costs when talking about traveling, also reducing the times of that, which can be used for selling for higher revenue attainment. Closing deals and creating a happy working environment is heavily dependent on carrying out these plans in the right way.

3 Sales territory optimization techniques

sales map

Counting on insightful analytics and metrics is key to business success. Having automation techniques and planning collaboration has become indispensable, and no one is missing out on these really helpful tools.

Modern strategy is based on the following techniques:

Data analytics and insights allow companies to uncover the business areas that need immediate analysis and improvement. Doing this will take balanced designs and travel-efficient sales territories.

Once this is done correctly, then sales territory leaders will be able to focus on team strategy on the high-potential customers and the prospect accounts.

If you automate territory planning processes, then the companies will be capable of creating cost-efficient territories that will allow them to quickly and fairly distribute potential sales opportunities and workloads.

As a result, sales reps will have plenty of time to focus strategically on the strongest accounts and prospects within their territories that are likely to give the company the best results and income

Territory planning tools encourage collaboration. This process makes it possible for field sales managers to be part of the planning and thought process. This will create more refined and well-aligned territories, ultimately improving overall sales coverage and performance.

Final thoughts

Sales territory optimization is not something easy to achieve. Whether you decide to do it manually or to automate it (better if you can automate it), it is a complex process, and many people fail to understand its importance within the company and its results.

A first step to start solving this issue is to recognize the things that are not working the way they are supposed to be working. If you find mismatches within the process, change them. The cues to finding them are mentioned above.

Once you have rid yourself of the errors of the process, you should start thinking about how you can improve it. For doing that, the three techniques listed previously will give you a hand with that, as well.

Improve your territory strategy, and the results will be reflected in the revenue and consequent success of your business.