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How to Increase Lead Generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to Increase Lead Generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Find out how to increase lead generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Mateo Bilbao


How to Increase Lead Generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business platforms that there is. Not only it enables you to connect with resourceful people, but also it paves the way to generate an efficient lead generation process within it.

This article will provide information about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how can you implement it so you can leverage it for the benefit of your business.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and who is it for

LinkedIn Sales Navigator program is a strong set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms in order to help you reach the right decision-maker. It is the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals. It allows sales teams to engage with contacts and accounts within the platform.

Simply put, Sales Navigator is a social selling platform that provides an array of features that put focus on helping you find the right prospects to build trusted relationships. With this program, you can reach the right kind of leads by using the search and filter features. Sales Navigator also provides actionable information and insights that can help build a deeper understanding of leads and prospects. This way, you can engage with them at a far more personal level by offering personalized content, customizations, discounts, and offers, among other things.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is oriented toward business owners, especially B2B owners, so if you are looking for a chance to improve your leads, this one might just be it. The program is a paid tool that is available on LinkedIn. There is a personal, team, and enterprise subscriptions, depending on your needs and the size of your business.

5 Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In this section, we will cover some of the main benefits of counting on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and the extensive premium features and sales resources it offers. As you learn how to use Sales Navigator more effectively, you will be having better efficiency and improved sales results.


1. CRM integrations

The program integrates with many popular sales apps and customer relationship management programs, including the following. In the first place, Salesforce. After it, the program also integrates with Outreach, HubSpot, and G2.

You just have to import your Sales Navigator data into your chosen CRM and get to work. This makes it even more comfortable to manage your pipeline and track your sales data from one place.

2. Automated lead generation

The lead recommendations feature presents you with relevant leads based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and past saved leads. It is a great feature because it saves reps a step in the sales process, helping them fill their funnel faster with more relevant connections.

3. Targeted searches

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced search function gives reps the power to target their ideal leads more narrowly and discover relevant connections.

Salespeople can choose from a considerable number of filters for people and/or organizations including the following elements. Keywords, geographic location (by region or state), company name, size or type, job title, school, years of experience, school, industry, job opportunities, number of followers, etc.

These search filters save reps time by assisting them to target the most suitable connections so they can focus on more valuable sales chores, like building relationships and closing deals.

4. Access to out-of-network connections

One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the opportunity that it offers to extend your sales reach outside your direct network.

Generally, you can only view the limited profiles of people outside your network. Sales Navigator lets members unlock that data so you can better understand your leads and make more meaningful connections with the right people.

5. Powerful sales insights

The more you use the program, the more data it can use to deliver valuable insights. As you search for prospects, save leads, and make connections, Sales Navigator will keep you posted on updates in your network regarding job changes, company updates, and relevant connections and warm leads.

4 Tips for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here we will deliver you applicable tips to set up LinkedIn Sales Navigator as smoothly as possible.

This is the most effective prospecting tool on Sales Navigator these days. With it, you can perform an advanced search on either leads or accounts, with the leads option having more fields to focus your search. There are more than twenty filters that you can apply to your search, with the keywords, title, and company fields allowing you to perform a search.

2. Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool on the market when it comes to prospecting. There are many ways to carry out this process, though it is recommendable that you follow this model. First of all, start with sales preferences to narrow down your parameters, and only then deep dive into advanced filters for a hyper-focused approach.

3. Contact Building

There is an extension here that comes in place. Although DuxSoup does not build your contacts, it is a priceless tool to get the process of contact building started. This extension operates as a LinkedIn automation tool and will let you automatically scan a list that you create in Sales Navigator and download it as a CSV file.

The CSV includes prospects’ names, titles, companies, and a link back to the profile so that you can visit it later.

Social selling and prospecting can be time-consuming if you are not equipped with the right tools and best practices. Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to build a large contact database quickly and with minimal effort.

4. Sales Preferences

You should visit your settings page on your Sales Navigator profile and you will see Sales Preferences in the middle of the page. In this section, you can narrow down your ideal client profile based on different data, like geography, industry, company size, and function. These preferences will show up whenever you visit a lead’s profile, and LinkedIn will show lead recommendations based on the criteria you set.


Now that you know why you should implement LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your business, it is only time for you to do so.