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How to Build an Efficient B2B Sales Funnel

How to Build an Efficient B2B Sales Funnel

Learn how to build an efficient B2B sales funnel.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


How to Build an Efficient B2B Sales Funnel

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

The sales funnel is an essential factor for the growth of your business. It is where the leads are caught, and where the leads will turn into customers if the funnel is working properly. If your B2B sales funnel fails somewhere in the middle of it, it will make the conversions lower and harder. That is why having an efficient funnel is key.

In this article, we will go through the whole process of a B2B sales funnel and how to design it or redesign it in a way that will capture as many leads as possible.

What is a B2B sales funnel?

B2B Sales Funnel

A B2B sales funnel is the process of how leads are captured and moved through a system with many stages that happen during the sales cycle. It is usually represented by a visual graphic divided into stages.

The funnels understand the sales process as a multi-step process, with many stages and steps included in each stage. The goal is to keep the lead aware of your company's value and convert them into a sale based on that.

Sales funnels are a key tool in the marketing area of both B2B and B2C businesses. A well-functioning sales funnel makes a company capable to guide a customer from a lower-priced product or service into a more expensive offering.

There are two types of funnels: marketing funnel and sales funnel. The B2B marketing funnel is primarily about creating the right touchpoints to guide the buyer through the customer journey. On the other hand, the B2B sales funnel is more in touch with the actions that nudge the prospect closer to becoming a client.

You should count on both a marketing funnel and sales funnel that work together to give the prospect everything that they need for maximum efficiency.

A few facts about a B2B sales funnel

sales funnel

If you do not see what good could do you having an efficient funnel, here are a few facts that demonstrate it is not the same to have an ordinary sales system as one that is optimized.

It is vital to master the sales funnel at each stage because it defines which goals and actions you need to work on as you move toward the end goal and which are alright to keep as they currently are. The B2B sales funnel is like an engine that powers up your B2B sales process. It is the strategy through which leads are converted into clients.

If you are looking to grow your B2B sales funnel, it is crucial to understand where your leads are located in the purchasing process. If you do not know that, you will not be able to carry out an effective funnel. For that reason, you need to start analyzing your analytics and evaluating in which stages things are being done in the right way and in which stages there exist major improvements to be realized.

5 stages of an efficient B2B sales funnel

A well-functioning B2B sales funnel requires a well-thought strategy that divides the stages of the sales cycle efficiently. Here are the stages that you should be considering when designing a better sales funnel.

  1. Awareness

This is the first stage of the funnel. This is where a B2B customer is looking for some answers. They need the resources, information, education, and insight necessary to ease their concerns.

Being at this stage, the value of the lead is low. Why is it low? Because there is no guarantee that they will pursue the solution that is your offer. Nevertheless, if you provide them with high-level data and relevant content, there is a higher chance that they would become interested in your product or service.

Here at the top of the funnel, a user persona is crucial to understanding how your potential buyers think, what problems they are looking to solve, and their way to the solution of it.

2. Interest

In this stage, the leads start researching your products to gather more information about your offer. This is the initial stage in the buying cycle where trust is built. At this point, nurturing the lead is principally focused on making the opinion of your organization look more tempting in the customer's eyes.

Interest must be built. No one can create it but yourself, so it is advisable to gather up a team that knows how to trigger the clients' interests and how to use that to your favor.

3. Evaluation

At this stage, you have solidly captured the buyer's attention. Now it is time to focus on showing how your offer is the one most suitable for the customer's needs. It has come the time when it is all about selling and convincing, through any legal method that proves itself efficient.

To further build trust, this is the time to let your leads know if your service or product might not be in their best interest.  Proof of honesty and integrity at this stage might help in the future, even if your product or service does not meet the customer's needs at this time, maybe it will further on, or maybe they will talk about you to some other business friends.

4. Engagement

Now when your lead is located at the engagement stage, they are interacting with your sales team. This might include a product demo or a sales pitch to understand the buyer's pain points and help them get to a solution. The relationship and trust you create at this level are crucial in the lead moving to the last stage.

5. Purchase

The buying stage is usually the ending one. The purchase order is approved. But just because a customer bought your offer does not mean that you have gotten to the end of the B2B sales funnel.

Post-purchase engagement keeps the customer in touch with you. This is key to building a strong B2B sales pipeline. This is a smart strategy for long-term results.

Bottom line

Now you know how to design an efficient B2B sales funnel. It is important that you gather up with your partners and analyze what is going wrong with yours, so you can understand and from that point make the improvements mentioned in this blog.