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How Can Sales Acceleration Change Your Business Life?

How Can Sales Acceleration Change Your Business Life?

Find out how can sales acceleration change your business life.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


How Can Sales Acceleration Change Your Business Life?

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Sales acceleration is a system that you have to implement in your business procedures if you aspire to have a top-quality company. In sales, moving quickly means surviving for another day. There is now more competitive than it ever has been. Sales teams are required to provide solutions faster if they intend to stay relevant and close as many deals as possible.

Businesses are demanded to refine their sales strategy constantly. How do they do that? By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales processes. The key here is to assess what is working, what is not working, and most importantly, what is slowing you down. That is the changing factor in sales.

This article will explain how can sales acceleration drastically improve your business, what is its function, and what are its benefits. Read on if you are interested in improving your sales systems and stopping being slow, so no one can beat you.

What is a sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration is a system of strategies that helps businesses move prospects through the sales cycle more efficiently. The goal is to take someone from being a lead to a client in the fastest way possible.

This sales process speeds up the sales cycle by automating tasks and streamlining processes. Effective sales acceleration software provides timely data and insights which are designed to increase the rate of customer conversions. Plus, it can templatize certain forms and processes for easy and efficient use. If there is a way to optimize and make the cycle faster, these systems are the ones that make it possible.

Sales Acceleration

Sales acceleration is about using your resources, content, and analytics to deliver impactful experiences that close deals faster. That is the main goal. A well-functioning sales acceleration process takes care of moving prospects through the sales funnel seamlessly, whilst ensuring that you consistently achieve your revenue goals.

You should gather up a sales acceleration team within your Sales department, a few people specially focused on analyzing all the processes to optimize the speed of the cycles.

At the same time that you are creating a new sales acceleration team, it is suggested that you direct resources to your existing sales enablement function. Working with both sales and marketing reps, your sales enablement team will likely have the context, structure, and experience necessary to drive sales acceleration strategies efficiently until the team is built.

Benefits of sales acceleration

Traditional sales strategies cannot be trusted no more by themselves. If you want to stay active and competitive, you will have to be constantly looking for new opportunities to improve your sales approach and accelerate the cycle. If you cannot put yourself ahead of the curve, then you are most probably going to put yourself behind.

Sales teams who do sales acceleration tend to close deals more quickly. If you properly do your prospecting, qualifying leads, and optimizing throughout the whole sales process, then sales reps will be able to minimize a lot of unnecessary work while maximizing sales productivity.


If your sales acceleration process is working as it should be, you would be seeing results translated into the following elements. Your revenue would boost, you would track sales more efficiently, and your productivity would increase. All of this while saving up time and resources.

The consequences of this would be turning prospects into clients quicker than before, the growth of your business due to the automation processes, and more free time for sales reps to focus on more critical-thinking things.

3 things you should do for sales acceleration

Here are some tips that you should consider when starting to optimize your sales acceleration process. They will lead your people and your business on the right path.

  1. Sales software investments

Sales software assists businesses to close sales quicker by the optimization of processes and tasks. Sales technology that is in synchronicity with your existing support tech makes sales acceleration doable. It is strongly recommendable to invest in and leverage the power of sales software to streamline processes and maximize your efforts so your potential clients can move through the sales cycle as fast as possible.

2. Adjusting the sales processes with data

A data-driven sales team is more likely to save your organization time, energy, and money than one that does not rely that much on the information. Diving deeply into your company’s data and analytics will reveal actionable insights for your team. It will tell you things like what is currently working for your sales team, and what is not working. The sales software you acquire should help you find the answer to these questions. Always remember that data is key. Numbers cannot lie.

3. Providing on-demand sales performance support

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to move your prospect through the sales cycle is when you provide your sales reps with hands-on performance support every time they need it. Arming your team with real-time support is vital. Having support content ensures that the important tasks that are completed can make the most of the work hours. This support puts out the time dedicated to searching for help and support information.

It is a psychological fact that when the sales reps are feeling empowered,  they will do their jobs as effectively as they can, using interactive help, and closing many more sales than when they feel they have their hands tied.

These insights on sales acceleration will help your sales reps to do their job more effectively and to close better deals faster.

Bottom line

The process of sales acceleration is going to help you achieve the goals that you want for your company. If you implement a well-functioning system that makes the sales cycle faster, while maintaining its quality, then it is almost unavoidable for your revenue to grow.

Start by analyzing what is going wrong in your existing cycles and decide how are the sales acceleration processes you choose are going to help you solve those malfunctionings.