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Pipedrive Tips to Improve Your Business

Pipedrive Tips to Improve Your Business

Find out some useful Pipedrive tips to improve your business.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Pipedrive Tips to Improve Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Sales are the key factor that determines ultimately the success or failure of every business. There is an infinite number of things that can affect sales positively or negatively. Among those factors, there are the apps you choose to work with. Pipedrive is one of them. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to leverage Pipedrive as much as possible.

Selling can be demanding. Therefore, it is vital to find ways to make the sales process easier to manage and more efficient, leaving you to focus on the key drivers of success. It is the act of a client buying your product or service that will trigger your operations teams to work on the project, your logistics to deliver the goods, and your finance department to issue an invoice and collect revenue.

Basics of CRM

One way to achieve great numbers in sales is by integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into your process. CRM is a tool for tracking and analyzing all of the interactions with your potential and existing clients.

As your business grows, the lack of well-integrated CRM means valuable time will be lost as your teams dig through old emails trying to find leads and collect up-to-date data. They can also struggle to gather all the relevant details on a potential client or project because this key information is spread across many different places.


The knock-on effect could be missed appointments, redundant assignments done by your team, or forgetting to follow through on critical activities that are essential for nurturing leads through the sales channel.

Basics of Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps you visualize your company, sales, and marketing workflows. The site is really simple to use and it provides great insight into the sales performance of your team as well as individual sales reps.


One capability that might be particularly attractive to most small to mid-size businesses is Pipedrive's ability to visualize the sales process from start to finish, in a customized way that is precisely tailored to your business and sales cycle.

5 Tips for Pipedrive

In this section, we will provide recommendations regarding the use of Pipedrive and how can one leverage the website.

1- Filters – categorize, segment, and target your leads

As leads pour in, that pipeline view will start to look cluttered. The positive side is that you will still be able to see the deals with overdue activities, followed by those with due activities, prioritized at the top of your list. But what if you ask yourself where to find deals that do not have activities scheduled for them? Suppose that you have just gathered a wealth of contacts from diverse campaigns. First, you should use Pipedrive’s custom fields to document the “Lead source” of these new contacts.

By using filters, you can narrow your search down. Filters allow you to narrow down your deals, individuals, businesses, and activities based on whatever custom criteria you want. Given that you can name your filters and save them for later use, you will always have comfortable access to the data sets you need.

On Pipedrive, filters can be accessed in many different views, including the Pipeline view, List view, and Forecast view favored by sales agents and their managers. By default, there are already many filters in Pipedrive, but you can also establish your own custom ones. These can be configured to search for specific combinations of fields.

2- Set Goals and Track Progress

A recent update means you can set goals for all Pipedrive activities, permitting you to visualize progress and check what your team needs to do to achieve your objectives in Insights. Having visibility of your goals and progress enables your sales managers to spot the missing gaps and get teams refocused, your sales reps to see the effect of their hard work to keep motivated, and you get real-time updates on your own activities as well as the activities of your teams.

3- View your to-do list on the activities page and swap back to the pipeline view

When you have tons of deals to manage at once or a lot of prospecting actions to achieve, one of the best forms to stay on top of your follow-up is to work from the “Activities” page. This page shows you the assignments you need to complete and by when.

Each day, it is recommendable that you make it a habit to visit this page and address anything that is due today. Remember to always schedule follow-up activities so you never leave a deal, a client, or a prospect with no defined action to do next. Aim to avoid having deals with the “Yellow Triangle” icon next to them.

4- Create a “Holding” Stage or a Secondary Pipeline

Sometimes you might have a prospect who is not saying “no”, but that is still not ready to sign the contract at the moment. Besides the nurturing that they need, there is an alternative to marking this deal as “Lost”. This is to create a “Holding” stage within your sales channel or to create a second pipeline with all the pending deals that you will have to come back to later on.

Doing so permits you to keep your primary funnel clean with active deals only, while also keeping track of pending prospects so you do not forget about them, thus keeping these sales opportunities open for when they will be ready to sign after the nurturing is done.

5- Use Filters to Extract Specific Data

Pipedrive comes with some predefined filters so you can view deals that meet precise criteria. You can also create and save your own filters, for yourself or for your team.

Bottom Line

Pipedrive is the best app for dealing with this area of business, so at least check it out and try to implement it in your business. The chances are that your business will have an improvement by using it.