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Why Sales Territory Mapping Software Will Improve Your Business

Why Sales Territory Mapping Software Will Improve Your Business

Find out what a sales territory mapping software is and which one fits best for your business.

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Mateo Bilbao


Why Sales Territory Mapping Software Will Improve Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

A few years ago, knowing all about your territory was one of the key factors for success. It was what gave you a head start from the ones who did not. Nowadays, that feature has lost power due to the rising of sales territory mapping software.

These days, the key factor is to optimize your territory. And how can you do that most effectively? Using new and updated technology: mapping software.

What is sales territory optimization software?

Sales mapping software is a technology that works as a solution in business. This software function is to integrate the sales and the geolocation of the potential buyer. It is the number one tool for sales managers and field sales reps to design and build territories.

Plus, this software is the one sales tool that can help you visualize leads, customers, and territories on a map, apart from helping manage time by creating more efficient routes and more organized schedules

mapping software

There are many types of software, which focus on many types of different things within the processes of the business. Some of them put the focus on helping the sales reps become more efficient in the field. Others are designed to emphasize territory design and division.

Some others are taught how to display information that gives you a hand by the time you have to evaluate the data you received to make better decisions, which will be made because you have the metrics that will tell you what to do and what not to do.

Mapping software then helps you put a light on the location of customers and leads, the way the customers are distributed across the territories that you had targeted, and the distribution map of the territories of the people in the sales team.

Reasons to implement sales territory mapping software for your business

Every modern sales team or rep is trying to stay competitive. They all understand that the way to be better than the average team is to use a sales mapping software tool.

If you acquire this tool, the results you will get from it will be the following. With mapping software, you will obtain a distributed territory, which will give you insight into what and who to pay attention to. You will be able to distinguish without an issue what areas are more profitable, thus what areas to dedicate the most time to.

The mapping software will increase the efficiency of sales planning, taking some load off the back off of your employees, and mapping software will also save you money and time because it will find a way to optimize the use of those resources.

If you are looking to optimize your productivity, you might want to choose a sales territory mapping software that comes with advanced features. These additions to the basic program will provide you with the following results.

These additions will make you meet more prospects while saving the costs that imply traveling. These will be done by route optimization. You will also be more capable of managing sales reps, which will be accomplished by features of team management. And last, you will have the data to track and make an evaluation of the performance of your sales activities, which will be carried out by custom reports.

3 best sales mapping software in 2022

The choice of which of all the mapping software will fit best for your company depends on many factors that are not the same for everyone. There will be programs that adjust more and programs that do not adjust that much to your goals, needs, niche, budget, etc. It is up to you which to choose regarding the interests of your organization.

The free software options will probably not come with the advanced features, but if you have the financial means to invest, it is advisable that you pick software that offers these types of features.

In the following lines, a list of the most efficient software of the year will be done. These programs are the ones that will help you get done all of the things above mentioned, which are quite likely to help you improve the performance of your company.

  1. Spotio

It is the recommended software for field sales teams. Here are some of the features that Spotio includes:

2. Mapline

It is the one that fits the best with academics, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and real estate industries.

Mapline comes with:

3. Zee maps

This program can get along well with any type of business size.

It includes:

Final thoughts

Now you understand what sales territory mapping software is and how can it help your business improve through optimization and mapping. Now is the time for you to choose what software you are going to implement in your business. Before you can think about it, you will start seeing the results this software gets.