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Insights on How to Maximize ROI in Your Business

Insights on How to Maximize ROI in Your Business

Find out some resourceful insight on how to maximize ROI in your business.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Insights on How to Maximize ROI in Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Businesses must adapt quickly if they intend to survive in this fast-changing world. Updates must be made regularly and the managers have to be looking constantly for ways to improve or optimize the systems of a company and the ways the people within work.

Nonetheless, one thing that is linear is the fact that organizations must be always doing research and implementing practices in order to maximize ROI. The return on investments is what defines the way of a business, basically, so it is one of the main factors towards success. That is why it is important to recognize some ways to improve the systems in which you are and opetate that determine the quality of the return on investments.

Two perspectives on how to maximize ROI

There are two ways in which you can take hands on the situation of trying to maximize ROI. Both involve the sales process. The first one is to analyze the matter from within the company's most valuable asset: its people. This way consists of improving the systems in which your employees develop their respective roles and how to find a way of motivating them to carry out their roles. It is key because if the people are not working as efficiently as they could, then there are things to optimize, which will lead to better results.

The other paradigm in which ROI can be improved is in the systems of the business itself. It is crucial to figure out what things could be done, implemented, or removed in order to optimize your performance, even just a little bit.

This article will provide some insight on both ways to maximize ROI and some activities that should be done if you aspire to optimize these systems in your organization.  

3 practices to maximize ROI on employee management

Here are the ways that you can implement to maximize ROI within your business.

  1. Providing specific, short-term goals.

Although is it really essential to plan your goals in a long term, it is also key to think about short-term goals on a monthly or quarterly base.

You must always keep your long-term goals in mind. However, you should take a look at your business at the department level every once in a while. You should do so to determine what each department and employee should be doing in order to move the company closer to your long-term goals. There is one main way that your whole company can work as a team to execute your strategy. The concept is known as cascading goals. This perspective consists of assigning smaller and related goals to departments, teams, and people, which all will contribute to achieving the overall operational goals.

Driving alignment between an organization's goals and employees' roles is crucial because the part of a lean business model will certainly help ignite employee engagement and productivity.

2. Rewards for the top performances

The KPIs will reveal exceptional performance and achievement from individuals. As soon as they do it, you should identify it and never miss the chance to exercise positive reinforcement. Undoubtedly, the most effective way to encourage high productivity is with a combination of monetary compensation that creates a fusion between bonuses and public recognition among the employee's coworkers.

Implementing this type of credit and reward system is something you should not miss out on. An integral component of your human capital approach not only encourages high-performing employees to keep up with the good work but also sets the mood for their peers to step up their efforts as well.

If your employees are constantly feeling motivated, day to day to increase their productivity and do the best they can during their billable hours, it is inevitable that you will see an uptick in your ROI. The cost of bonuses is definitely worth it and it definitely guarantees a higher ROI.

3. Do not let lower performers fall down.

If you are able to identify the top performers in your company, you can also recognize who is not doing that good. If you want to make your lower-performance employees do better, you have to identify the process, schedule, and strategies of the people that earned their bonuses in order to try to make everyone better.

If you study them and implement their model for everyone, you are more likely to transform your average employees into more effective employees and your good employees into great employees. This process might take some time but it will definitely help you maximize ROI.

2 ways to maximize ROI on strategy planning

In this section, we will cover some tactics to implement in the systems of your company to maximize ROI.

  1. Social media presence

It is relevant that you have a person in charge of analyzing your social media presence. They must check if your Google Business page is accurate and helpful for customers or not, if the presence is on all social media websites or if there are some lacking, the interaction with leads, etc.

You must set straight how you answer them, whether you are ignoring them or not, asking them if they are satisfied with your service and your product through a survey or other valid method.

2. Culture of the business

It is an undeniable fact that happy employees work harder and more efficiently. They tend to be more loyal. They also result in an improvement in the return on investments, almost every time.

The process of finding, onboarding, and training a new employee is one that can have a million things go wrong. It is better to take care of your existing employees and not lose them. A strong culture is way more likely to provide a better ROI, besides that is the ethical thing to do to treat your employees as they should be treated.

Bottom line

Now you are aware of some of the most effective ways to maximize ROI within your company. Define which ones are best fitted to your company and implement them to grow your business.