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Discover The Best Methods for Tracking Sales Leads

Discover The Best Methods for Tracking Sales Leads

Learn about the most effective ways for tracking sales leads and catching high-profile leads.

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Mateo Bilbao


Discover The Best Methods for Tracking Sales Leads

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Tracking sales leads correctly makes a difference in your business performance and revenue. It gives better techniques and economic rewards. Choosing how you will start or improve tracking sales leads of potential buyers depends on your personal needs and wants.

Leads are what keep every company afloat. Although you can convert many of them, there are many others that you cannot close. You must pay attention and track all of them, whether you have come to an agreement in the past with them or not.

Leads are not only what you need to make a profit, but they can also point out to you what is and is not working on your website and sales cycle.

What is a sales lead?

A sales lead is someone on their own or on behalf of a company that has shown some level of interest in your products or services. A lead is an opportunity for you to create an income out of it.

Many leads are going to enter the funnel. It is up to you which criteria you use to prioritize them. Nevertheless, you should always focus your better resources on high-quality leads that you think could fit your business best.

Advantages of tracking sales leads

Tracking sales leads is a part of managing leads. Without management, you do not know who you are tracking or why. If you want to start knowing a little more about your leads, you might want to take advantage of:

4 Best Methods for tracking sales leads

Here is a list of the most effective things you could do to track your leads and improve your business.

  1. Set up an email campaign

Nurturing leads is one of the most important steps in the first stage of the sales cycle. Before starting sending emails, you must plan out what will be the content that will go on them. That content must be thought to last for months. Why? Because one or two emails are not enough for the systems to understand the lead's behavior, and so not enough to recognize the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you count on this information, you have an advantage and you have a controlled variable. This way you will be able to identify which leads are nurtured enough and which ones are still needing more information and treatment.

2. Plan your lead cycle thoroughly

Lead cycles can go on for months. If you do not want to waste resources unnecessarily, you have to create an efficient cycle from the beginning. Of course that it is better if leads are concise and go straight to you, but most of the time leads are not that direct, and they need more time to think about it, and more information.

An efficient cycle gets along well with your business ways and procedures. If you are currently in the B2B business, you will certainly have longer cycles than B2C companies. That is why you must create a well-functioning cycle, even more.

3. Start implementing lead scoring

Lead scoring is the process that differentiates the leads that are most important from the ones that are not that relevant to your organization. The scoring can be done based on projects, urgencies, availability of resources, etc. It is not smart to treat all leads the same just because most leads do not want the same. You must recognize the ones that have the potential of being most beneficial to you if you wish to improve the process.

The more you prioritize high-profile leads, the more chance you have of closing them, just because you both have a more significant match potential.

Furthermore, lead scoring will let you know where to remove things from your funnel, what things are working, and which of those could be improved, or maybe even removed completely. If this process is done properly, the Sales people will be having a much easier job.

4. Follow-ups scheduling

Only a few of the leads that enter the funnel will purchase immediately. Most of them will not. Most of them will require a little more work, and more information to get them to buy. It is not an option not to reach out and nurture your potential clients if you want to succeed in your business.

You must implement systems that follow where the leads are currently at, what are they doing, what are they reading that you sent, etc. If you do not measure this kind of activity, you will end up underselling or overselling, and wasting resources when you could have avoided it if you have worked enough to build the right processes.

When you schedule follow-ups, you know the exact position of your buyer in the funnel, and what is the next thing that you should be doing.

Bottom line

Tracking sales leads is key for your business to succeed. By implementing these methods, you can start orienting your business to success by orienting your leads to the content they will feel attracted to convert and make you a profit.