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B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Insight that Will Blow Up Your Sales

B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Insight that Will Blow Up Your Sales

Find out resourceful insight on how to blow up your sales by implementing an efficient B2B SaaS sales strategy.

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Mateo Bilbao


B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Insight that Will Blow Up Your Sales

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Sales are what determines the success of your business. It is vital to count on a strategy that makes leads come in big numbers. Planning a B2B SaaS sales strategy can be done in many ways. Nevertheless, most of those ways are not thought in a way that will reach their full potential, and that malfunctioning reflects on the sales.

This article will provide useful insight to plan out an efficient B2B SaaS sales strategy that will not only not drag you down but will increase your sales whilst saving you time and expenses.

B2B SaaS sales strategy offer

If you want your B2B SaaS sales strategy to succeed, you must think of the following things. Firstly, try to identify what is the solution that you are providing. Then, define who your target customer is. Finally, think of how your offer can help this potential buyer to improve his company. Those things are what you need to get started on. Name your goals and your hows before starting to plan anything.

Remember that B2B SaaS sales are definitely a buyers' market. As consequence, competition is high and business owners are being constantly bombarded with digital solutions for their business. You need to differentiate yourself from the crowd and specialize. Narrow down your solution into something that is more unique than the general solution offering that SaaS provides.

B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Offer

Thinking about this whole process from the point of view of your user will allow you to clearly display your value proposition. You must understand the way in which your software can be of great service to the client. If you cannot figure that out, then it is probably better that you consider rethinking your offer until you find a proper answer to those questions.

Once you have settled your initial offering, you will need to analyze exactly how your SaaS can help businesses grow their sales. This is when you tighten up your value proposition. In order to do so, you are going to need to be empathetic and gather enough data to have a deep understanding of your customer's problems so you can refine your value proposition.

It is key to have someone express in a clear way all that you offer. Communication is essential for sales. Having average communication will make you fall into average SaaS provider businesses. Be aware of the importance of it and hire a copywriter or someone capable of making the potential clients understand what it is that differentiates you from the others.

Creating your B2B SaaS sales strategy

Now that you have perfected your value proposition, you can begin generating B2B leads for your company.

A B2B SaaS sales strategy consists of campaigns that run across many different marketing channels. The goal is to generate and increase awareness and leads for your SaaS brand. By defining your sales strategy early you are able to set clear goals and targets to control the success of individual campaigns.

These are the following marketing channels that are efficient. It is advisable to consider implementing some of them, the ones that most fit your type of your business and your operational ways.

If you already have potential customers within your cycle, you can start reaching out to them and commenting on your new tool. It is recommendable to focus on one sales channel until you gain enough traction to begin working on a new one. You do not want your approach to looking amateur and unprepared.

If you follow some of these guidelines, you will have a good start on planning an effective strategy that is more likely to drive qualified leads directly into different stages of your sales cycle. If you accomplish to optimize and at the same time reduce your acquisition costs throughout your sales strategy, you will probably drive up your ROI on marketing.

The human side of a B2B SaaS sales strategy

The SaaS industry is more known for leaning on landing pages, email campaigns, PPC, and digital marketing, among other things. Although nothing could be accomplished without the technology and these tools, it is key to realize the fact that a real human connection can benefit sales enormously and path a long way in B2B software sales.

Human Touch

Whether it is physical or virtual, the main goal of any lead nurturing communication has to be to truly understand their problem and make it your sole objective to solve it. If you are just getting started on this business, you should probably be on the ground and do the selling yourself, until you can find someone specialized that does it for you.


It is advisable that you leverage all this information to plan or replan your B2B SaaS sales strategy. Whether your sales are not generating qualified leads, the buyers get stuck in the funnel and leave, or something else, this insight will likely help you improve your sales strategy and thus help you increase your revenue.