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5 B2B Marketing Automation Tactics to Improve Your Sales

5 B2B Marketing Automation Tactics to Improve Your Sales

Learn how B2B marketing automation can improve your sales cycle.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


5 B2B Marketing Automation Tactics to Improve Your Sales

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Automation is key for any process in every business. Marketing is probably the most important area of a business since it drives sales and with them the company revenue.

If you want your B2B marketing automation to succeed, you will have to dedicate some thought and time. Maybe in the first few days, you will not yet see results, but if the process is soundly automated and functioning, your sales funnel will be overwhelmed in no time.

This article will be discussed how to automate your marketing systems, and how can it be helpful to you. Plus, you will be given some ways to automate your business.

Differences between B2B and B2C marketing automation

Marketing automation is a way for businesses to keep in regular contact with leads and clients. Marketing automation differs in its functioning depending on the type of business.

The same principle is held in both B2B and B2C, which is triggering an automated message or multiple messages in response to email subscriber activity. While both focus on targeting subscribers with the right message in real time, the approaches are different.

B2B Marketing Automation

While B2C focuses heavily on personalization, B2B, on the other hand, focuses more on education, and education is relegated to the second place of relevance.  B2B marketing automation nudges leads towards conversion by nurturing them with helpful, educational content.

5 efficient B2B marketing automation models

Some of the most efficient B2B marketing automation models will be presented in the following statements. Some will work better than others, depending on the amount of work you put in and the business you are currently running.

  1. Multichannel campaigns

Maximizing your campaign reach and brand awareness triggers suitable automated communications across a wide number of channels. If you are just starting with marketing automation, it is advisable to focus on mastering one channel first. Simple but concrete email nurture campaigns are an easy way to start.

Once you get more comfortable with it and if you confirm that your marketing automation software has the necessary features, then you can try to handle a multi-channel approach.

Multi-channel automation, as the name points out, targets leads at multiple touchpoints along the buyer journey through multiple channels. This could be a combination of email, messaging, retargeting ads on social media sites like LinkedIn, or even direct mail. Experiment to discover which marketing channels work best for your target audience and which fits best your type of business.

2. Page tracking

Page tracking is all about using website behavior to trigger automated B2B campaigns. Website behavior implies going to specific landing pages and/or clicking a particular link. Whatever a lead gets up to on your website.

It is a great opportunity to follow up directly with more information, be it related to pricing or a particular product.

The way to acknowledge when a lead is browsing the website takes a few steps. First, you would have to install a tracking code on your website. This will identify whenever a subscriber opens an email or clicks a link on your website. Then, all you need to do is insert a Javascript snippet into your website header as you would for Google Analytics. And that is it.

3. Lead scoring

B2B needs to be qualified as much as it needs to be nurtured. This means putting in place a system to show which stage a lead is at in the sales funnel.

As mentioned above, B2B acquisition cycles are lengthy. For a B2B marketing rep whose job is to send high-quality leads to sales, timing is everything. So what is the best way to achieve this? Ideally, it is the introduction of the idea of a lead scoring model, so you can give leads a score to denote their engagement level.

4. Segmentation

B2B marketing automation can be utilized to update your contact lists and customer relations management.

Segmenting your B2B leads according to their activity, engagement, and other shared characteristics is highly recommended.  The reason to do this is that email list segmentation leads to more relevant messaging and higher engagement. Automating your list management means saving a lot of time and money for any business.

Setting up this system is easy if your automation platform offers dynamic segmentation. Go for a platform that can provide you with this feature. Plus, you can create automation workflows that move contacts to specific lists depending on web pages visited, email engagement, etc.

A marketing automation platform should have its CRM component or integrate with your current CRM. Use automation to keep this database updated. You can do this by automatically assigning attributes to individual customer profiles.

5. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing refers to using automated email marketing to inform and nurture leads. Guiding leads through the sales cycle is one of the most common use cases for B2B marketing automation.

Nurturing works particularly well in the B2B industry because it is the area of business where leads require a considerable amount of trust and education before buying the product or service.

Nonetheless, once a lead signs up on your list, the results can be shocking. To keep the process going, follow up with targeted content until the lead is warm enough to be passed off to the sales team.

Lead nurturing main function rounds up into two things. First, is the tracking of leads as they move along the buyer’s journey. Secondly, it lets you adjust your digital marketing tactics and messaging according to the different steps.

A sound B2B marketing automation workflow to build B2B relationships would contain the next elements. First of all, some welcome email sequences to introduce new subscribers to the service or product you are offering. In the second place, you need email marketing sequences following gated content. After that, you might need sequences depending on specific lead activity.

Bottom line

B2B marketing automation is key to increasing your sales, so it is key to the growth of your business. Now you have read about some ways to do that. Choose what fits best your company and your means and put the work to design healthy and sound automation.