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Insights on SaaS sales and SaaS sales jobs

Insights on SaaS sales and SaaS sales jobs

Find out about SaaS sales and SaaS sales jobs that will make your revenue grow.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


Insights on SaaS sales and SaaS sales jobs

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

SaaS sales are a booming market with a promising future within the software industry. To take advantage of this process, you want to start implementing it in your business as soon as you can to create a better future for your company.

What are SaaS sales?

SaaS sales (Software as a service) is a process that sells web-based software. The people in charge of selling SaaS services have the goal of getting new customers to buy these services and retaining those who have already acquired them in the past.

SaaS sales are becoming the predominant way of software delivery. Why? Because it gives companies better results by providing a more constant update of the products on their websites and SaaS services can reach a larger audience as well.

3 SaaS sales tips

Here are a few things you might want to consider if you want to become a SaaS provider.

1. Upselling value to current clients

The dominant SaaS businesses are more dependent on upselling than the businesses that are just starting to compete. Although upselling is highly profitable, only the bigger companies can afford it because it is hard to get this upselling and it takes a lot of resources.

It is not easy to recognize when it is time to offer something new to an existing client. It is not easy to re-engage them with something new. Plus, the customer already knows you and your flaws, so it is difficult to make an upsell carrying that baggage if you cannot take the fall, which is what usually happens in starting companies.

One way to have more chances of closing an existing client is to play that exists in your favor. Instead of giving him a call to offer him some “more profitable” service, take some data from their account to leverage them. If something is missing, find what else you can do to improve that performance and offer them that upgrade on your already existing deal.

2. Persistence is key

An average SaaS sales business owner or employee makes 50+ calls per day when starting. You need this persistence if you want to start closing clients starting from zero. Sales skills are key.

The thing is that once you get to close one prospect, you can start demonstrating your value and start showing what you can do.

3. Use the marketing skills in your favor

You must understand the importance of the alignment between the Marketing and Sales departments. They must be united for the sales cycle to be as effective as it can. Both of their roles are important to conversions.

The dominant SaaS sales businesses make great use of their marketing metrics. They track the website´s trials, conversion rates, visitors, closings, etc, all to improve these metrics. Manage this data effectively and you have leverage over other companies.

SaaS sales jobs

Within the SaaS sales business, there are many jobs that you can do. The following list will specify the ones that are the most dominant.

Inside sales jobs

These SaaS sales jobs are more viable for people who desire to work without geographical limitations. The majority of the job requirements can be done with your mobile phone.

Inside sales reps´ job is to generate leads and close deals. Their function is to reach out to potential prospects and start trying to build a relationship with them. This is done to build interest in your product or service.  A deep level of knowledge of lead closing is required, as well as sales skills.

Field sales jobs

Field sales jobs are great for people who aspire to travel while working. It is a job for sociable people who are comfortable dealing with new people every single day.

Field sales reps are the ones in charge of selling the products while talking to potential customers. They must make the leads understand what the company's offer is all about and then analyze if they are a good fit for the company's goals.

Channel sales jobs

Channel sales jobs are the ones most adapted to SaaS companies who are looking for growth that is understood as the products or services being distributed through partners or other businesses.

Channel sales reps are indispensable because they are the ones most skilled in talking partners into the product or service that is being offered. They need to convince them that their offer is the perfect fit for them. Besides that, they also need to understand what the product is about and how to sell it.

Business development jobs

Business development jobs are also a good fit for SaaS businesses that are looking to grow side by side with strategic relationships, partnerships, and any other that can distribute the product.

Business developers´ role is to reach out to all of these people and build relationships with them. They must make upgrades in sales and try to find innovative ways for customers to convert.

SaaS sales salaries

SaaS sales reps make a fine income from their job. The approximate minimum that a SaaS sales rep makes is $60k/year, but most of them can come close to $100k.

Besides the numbers, as these jobs are just starting, there is a broad demand and the offer does not cover it. Take advantage of these upcoming businesses.


It is said that SaaS sales will be booming in 2023. It has already started and many people are getting into this type of business.

With this guide, you have the information you need to get started on finding a SaaS sales rep or becoming one. SaaS sales will likely improve the systems of your lead finding and closing. So analyze it and implement it.