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How Can a Business Analyst Help Your Business

How Can a Business Analyst Help Your Business

Learn what a business analyst is, what his function is and how can he help you improve your business.

4 min read


Mateo Bilbao


How Can a Business Analyst Help Your Business

Information about the writer

Sales & Marketing head at Scalestack

Have you ever wondered what a business analyst does? Which is his role in a company? Well, if you do not know for sure and you are interested in improving your company at a general and specific level, then this blog is for you.‌‌

Taking into account the job description and the information about the crucial role this person has in a company, you will be able to decide whether you believe it is worth hiring someone like this to improve your business. By the end of this blog, you will realize that if you do not want to play the odds, you will likely be interested in reaching out to a business analyst.‌‌

What does a business analyst do?‌‌

This post will describe the function of the job, what a business analyst does, the role he plays in a company, and why it is a high-value and important job.‌‌

Have you ever heard of what a business analyst is? For starters, it is a highly requested job that involves knowledge in many areas of business, an ability to handle important things, and the calmness to make big decisions that can alter many lives.‌‌

It sounds like a tough job, and it is. It involves many capabilities and knowledge that most people do not have. That is why it is a high-ticket job. Making general decisions for big companies is no walk in the park. The consequences of those decisions are huge for the company and its surroundings. ‌‌

Although the job is hard, it is quite well-remunerated and you get to be one of the most important people in the organization you work for. ‌‌

What does a business analyst do? Their job is so wide, that they also have to analyze and approve all the communications, internal and external. The evaluations of business analysts are crucial for businesses because the information they provide tends to improve the decision-making processes and realign the organization's goals with its mission, both within and at the customer level.‌‌‌‌

Business analyst jobs‌‌

Business analyst jobs require many responsibilities within the organization. They have to control every technical thing going around, from internal communication to decision-making processes. These are some of the most important job requirements for a business analyst:

Those are the principal things that a business analyst does daily. They are not the head of the organization, they simply make evaluations, and from those evaluations, they report the current state of the company to make it better. Whether the improvements must be done in business, communication, relations, or other departments, a good business analyst will find what is being done poorly and will point it out.

Senior Business Analyst salary

Now, let's go to what matters to everyone. How much is this job worth? How much does a senior business analyst win?

A senior business analyst's salary goes from $85,000 to $125,000, approximately. Nowadays, many are freelancing. Maybe you can find someone that can assess your business properly and give you feedback that can put you upside down. Or maybe you feel like hiring one full-time. It depends on your company's goals, budget, ways, etc. It is totally up to you.

Bottom line: is it worth hiring a business analyst?

If you are considering going on LinkedIn and searching for business analyst jobs, then this article might have helped you overcome some difficulties that you may or may not have seen before.

If you feel like doing a pros and cons list about hiring a business analyst, there is not much to write on the cons list (if you find someone good at his job). On the other hand, there is a lot to win and little to lose if you take the chance to hire someone to improve your systems, communications, and decision-making processes and give you overall business feedback.

What does a business analyst do? They will thoroughly analyze your business and find your weak spots. They will recommend a way to improve them, and if you put that into practice, it is likely your business and your revenue will look better in a short time.